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A Day in the Life at J. E. Shekell: Offering Exceptional Service in Furnace Repair and Plumbing

As one of the leading names in furnace repair, replacement, and plumbing services, the team at J. E. Shekell brings exceptional service to homes and businesses everyday. From Henderson, KY, to Newburgh, IN, and Princeton, IN – our service area is expansive, and our commitment is uncompromising. Below, we take you through an ordinary day in our extraordinary mission of service.

Morning: Skirting the Kentucky Border

Our day begins in Henderson, KY, where our furnace repair and replacement team sets out early to tackle the day’s tasks. It could be tuning an old furnace having trouble with temperature control or replacing a worn-out unit. Whatever the challenge, the goal is to ensure each household stays warm during the cold KY nights with a smoothly-running, energy-efficient furnace.

Midday: Heading to Newburgh, IN for Furnace Replacement

Midday takes us to Newburgh, IN. As professionals dedicated to maintaining cozy and comfortable homes, furnace replacement is a critical service we offer. Aging, inefficient, or faulty furnaces can lead to high electricity bills and unreliable heating. Our team assesses the situation, provides a cost-efficient solution, and replaces older models with new, high-performing ones improving more than just indoor climates – but also peace of mind.

Afternoon: Plumbing Solutions in Princeton, IN

Towards the end of our day, we find ourselves in Princeton, IN, shifting gears to expert plumbing solutions. From routine checks to complex repairs, our work aims to avoid plumbing disasters and ensure the smooth functioning of every pipe and faucet in the homes we service. Don’t forget, professional plumbing helps maintain the integrity of a house, and we’re committed to the job – large or small.

In the area and looking for an expert team? From furnace repair near you in Henderson, KY to plumbing problems in Princeton, IN – our technicians at J. E. Shekell are ready to serve. We end the day as we started: dedicated to making homes more comfortable – and lives a little bit easier.