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A Day in the Life of Turner & Schoel employee: Keeping Homes Cool in Tuscaloosa and Beyond!

The sun rises over stunning Tuscaloosa, AL, and with it, the dedicated team at Turner & Schoel springs into action. Our expertise spans across AC Repair, AC Service, AC Installation, 24 Hour AC Repair & AC Replacement, ensuring we navigate through the day leaving a trail of cool, comfortable homes in our wake. Our dedication to keeping your homes cozy and tranquil does not recognize geographical boundaries – we’re happy to service Northport, Samantha, Cottondale and the surrounding areas.

The Morning: Quality AC service and Maintenance

Each day begins with a couple of cups of coffee and an extensive review of our daily schedules. The morning is usually brimming with AC service and routine maintenance appointments. Being proactive and scheduling regular AC maintenance is the best way to avoid sudden breakdowns and costly emergency repairs. On certain days, we’ll have a number of AC Installations penciled in as well.

As lunchtime rolls around, we often find ourselves heading towards Northport, AL. Here, we’re entrusted with different tasks such as AC Replacement – a job we handle with expertise born out of extensive experience.

Afternoon: Emergency Repairs & AC Replacement

After grabbing a bite to eat, our afternoon usually consists of AC repairs. Everyone at Turner & Schoel takes pride in offering 24 Hour AC Repair; we understand that sometimes, emergencies do happen. Our team is committed to providing efficient, swift service to make sure our clients don’t have to endure the Alabama heat for too long.

As evening falls, we often find ourselves in the serene environs of Samantha, AL for additional home visits. These could be for an emergency repair, AC installation or another round of AC service. We believe it is essential to have your air conditioning system functioning at its best at all times, especially during the warmer seasons of the year.

Gearing up for Tomorrow

The sun sets, blanketing Cottondale, AL, and all its charming homes in warm hues. For us at Turner & Schoel, it signals the end of one productive day and the beginning of preparation for the next. Be it AC Service, AC Replacement or 24 Hour AC repair; we’re always ready to rise to the occasion and ensure that your homes remain the cool, comfortable havens they are meant to be!