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Are You Chilly or Hot? We’ve got you covered!

Ever wonder what chilling in the North Pole or sunbathing in the Sahara desert feels like? You can experience that without leaving the comfort of your Illinois home. With Woodstock Heating & Cooling, we can turn your room in Cary into an icy tundra, or Algonquin into Arizona summer!

No Need for Winter Jackets

Our Heating Installation service makes the biting cold of McHenry feel like you’re tucked in a cozy blanket, a toasty retreat. Complaining about your old furnace being as effective as a dragon with bronchitis? Our Furnace Repair skills are as legendary as a knight taming that grumpy, coughing dragon!

Forget About Heatwaves

Are the summer temperatures in Lake in the Hills making you feel like a boiling lobster? Say “shoo” to that unnecessary sauna and hello to our top-notch AC Installation. We’ll convert your Huntley home into a relaxing beach resort. Get ready to kick back, relax and pretend you’re sipping a frosty margarita.

No matter the weather, Woodstock Heating & Cooling has the perfect climate control solution for you. We’re more magical than a weather-controlling wizard, but with the dedication of local HVAC Installation team that always delivers.