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Essential DIY Tips for Your HVAC System

All Weather Heating and Cooling Inc. brings you essential DIY tips for maintaining your HVAC system, ensuring not just a warm and comfortable environment but also prolonged life for your heating system. Bi-annual professional HVAC Maintenance is crucial to keep the system running smoothly. But in between professional checks, there are important DIY tips you can follow to maintain your system.

Regular Filter Replacement

One of the most basic DIY tips for any homeowner is regular filter replacement. A clean filter can significantly improve the efficiency of your Heating Service and reduce energy costs. Dirty filters restrict the flow of air, making your system work harder. We recommend changing your filters at least every 90 days. However, if you have pets or suffer from allergies, consider changing them more frequently.

Clean Outdoor Units Regularly

Just like your indoor units, your outdoor units need regular cleaning too. Dirt, leaves, and other debris can accumulate and cause inefficiency or even damages. Use a garden hose to gently clean the outdoor units but make sure to turn off the power before you begin. It’s a fairly straightforward Heating Repair tip that could save you from bigger costs down the line.

Maintain Two Feet Clearance

Your outdoor air conditioning and heat pump unit should have at least two feet of clearance on all sides. This allows for proper airflow and operation. Make sure to trim back any plants, grass, and branches that are encroaching on this space. It’s an easy Furnace Service tip that anyone can do!

Check and Seal Ductwork

One of the biggest energy wasters is leaking ductwork. Take some time to inspect your ducts for any signs of wear and tear. If you find any leaky spots, use duct tape to seal them up. If your ductwork is old or in bad condition, consider hiring a professional for your HVAC Service in Durham, NC, Morrisville, NC, Hillsborough, NC, Chapel Hill, NC & Carrboro, NC.

These essential DIY tips will enhance the lifespan of your HVAC system and keep it working efficiently. However, when in doubt, it’s always best to consult professionals who can ensure every element of your system is operating at its best.