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Stay Frosty with Kellerman Heating & Cooling

Don’t let your house become a winter wonderland indoors this season! Kellerman Heating & Cooling is here to save your icy toes and frosty breath every morning. Have you been dealing with an antique furnace that’s been around since the Ice Age? Mayhap it’s time to leave the mammoths behind and look into a modern Furnace Replacement.

Swap out the Old with the New, Brrring in the Heat!

Our squad is no stranger to heater installations! We’re like Santa Claus – we’ll sneak into your home (with your permission, of course), install an impressive heating system, and disappear, leaving you cozy and ready for the holiday season.

Hot Enough to Melt a Snowman?

Whether you hail from Withamsville, OH or New Richmond, OH, Kellerman Heating & Cooling is always on standby. Stifling in the summer? Our top-notch Cooling Services are just a call away, and we won’t rest until your home is a cool paradise. On fire but not in the good way? Our Heating Repair service will defrost the coldest home. Our Furnace Service has been touted as the ‘warm hug’ you didn’t know you needed.

Don’t leave your home in the Ice Age – Frosty the Snowman is a cool guy indeed, but he doesn’t need to be chilling in your living room.