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The 5 Myths of Heating and Air Conditioning: Debunked

Many myths circulate about heating and air conditioning systems – from strange suggestions on how to save on energy bills to bizarre misconceptions about system efficiency. Today, we’re going to debunk some of these myths for our readers.

Myth 1: Bigger HVAC Systems are Better

This is a common misunderstanding. The size of your HVAC system needs to be proportionate to the size of your home. Using a system that’s too large will cause it to cycle on and off continuously, which wastes energy and wears down the components. Consult with a professional HVAC Installation service to choose the right size.

Myth 2: You Only Need to Replace Your Filters Once a Year

This is a serious misconception that could potentially harm your HVAC system. Ideal practice suggests that you should change your HVAC filter every 30-90 days depending on the usage and the kind of filter you use.

Myth 3: Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Saves Energy

Many people think that closing vents in unoccupied rooms helps save energy. This is not true. In reality, closing vents can cause a balance issue in your HVAC system, causing it to work harder and leading to potential damage.

Myth 4: The Thermostat Location Doesn’t Matter

Where you place your thermostat plays a major role in how your HVAC system operates. If your thermostat is close to a window or an appliance that emits heat, it might read the temperatures wrong and cause your system to function improperly.

Myth 5: Regular Maintenance Isn’t Necessary

HVAC systems, just like any other machine, need regular checkups to perform optimally and last longer. Homes in areas like Longmont, CO, Louisville, CO, Boulder, CO & Lafayette, CO are especially known for their harsh weather conditions, so regular Furnace Services in Longmont, CO are essential.

With these common myths debunked, you can now make better, well-informed decisions about your Heating and Air Conditioning systems. Always remember, proper maintenance, correct usage, and timely repairs are key to the longevity of your HVAC system.