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Debunking Myths About Expert Heating and Cooling Services

Have you ever heard some myths or old wives’ tales about heating and cooling services that left you wondering about what’s true and what’s not? Let’s debunk these myths and establish facts in the world of Sunshine Air Conditioning, a leading player in the industry.

Myth 1: Turning Off Your AC Units Will Save More Energy

This is a common misconception. Turning off your heating and cooling systems while leaving for work doesn’t necessarily save energy in the long run. The method might save energy while the unit is off, but when you turn the AC back on, it will have to operate longer to create the desired temperature, consuming more energy. It is recommended to adjust the thermostat to a more economic setting instead of turning it off completely.

Myth 2: All You Need is an Air Conditioner; Forget the Fan!

The belief that fans are redundant when you have an Air Conditioner is wrong. Fans create a wind-chill effect that can make a room feel cooler. This can help cut down on the usage time of the AC, thus reducing energy consumption. Always remember, fans are less expensive and energy-efficient companions to air conditioners, not replacements.

Myths 3: Bigger Units Provide Better Cooling

Just because a cooling unit is larger doesn’t mean it’s better or more efficient. The cooling ability of an AC unit is determined by the size of your room and not the unit. Installing an oversized unit might lead to rapid cooling without proper dehumidification, resulting in a damp, cold environment. Therefore, it’s crucial to calculate the right size of the AC unit required for your room for efficient cooling.

Whether you’re seeking tips on how to maintain your heating and cooling systems or professional service and repair, Sunshine Air Conditioning has the answers, services, and experience you need. Always feel free to reach out to us for any expert heating and cooling services!