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A Day in the Life of an HVAC Pro

Morning Prep

My day begins at 6 AM, prepping my van with all the necessary tools and ductless HVAC equipment. After a quick check of the schedule, I head out to tackle the day’s challenges.

First Stop: Air Conditioner Installation

The first job of the day is an air conditioner installation in Cranston, RI. The homeowners have been patiently waiting for their new energy-efficient unit. I arrive on time, ready to transform their home into a cool oasis.

Lunchtime Troubleshooting

After wrapping up the installation, I grab a quick bite and check in with the office. They’ve received a call from a frantic customer in Warwick, RI, reporting a heating system failure. I head over to diagnose the issue and get their heat back up and running.

Afternoon Maintenance

  1. Next up is a routine HVAC maintenance appointment in East Providence, RI. I meticulously inspect and clean the system, ensuring optimal performance.
  2. In Johnston, RI, I replace an aging furnace with a high-efficiency model, improving the homeowners’ comfort and energy bills.
  3. The final stop of the day is in Lincoln, RI, where I troubleshoot and repair a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, restoring cool relief for the family.

Wrapping Up

As the sun sets, I head back to the office in East Greenwich, RI, to restock supplies and prepare for another day of keeping homes comfortable with American Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.