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Cool Comedy with Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning

If laughter is the best medicine, then getting infected with chuckles would probably make your furnace redundant. Jokes aside, and there are many of them flying around here at Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning, we are ultimately about ensuring your stay toasty warm or cool as a cucumber according to your needs.

The licensed Furnace Silencers

Do you believe the rumour that every furnace gives a free concert at 2 am? If yours does, then you should probably hire us. We’re not just any Tom, Dick, and Harry of heating system repairers, but a dedicated team of licensed Furnace Service pros. We can turn those nightly metal concerts into peaceful lullabies.

The Frostbites Fighters

Have you ever been in a cold war with your heating system in the middle of December? We are the peace negotiators you need. Let us into your home, and we’ll make sure you don’t need to sleep wearing your parka anymore. Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning makes peace agreements between the thermostat and your comfort.