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Exploring Exciting Activities Near Allied Aire Inc.

If you’re visiting Allied Aire, Inc. for your furnace replacement or heater installation needs, why not make a day of it? There are tons of fantastic and entertaining options to explore around our location.

Enjoy a Stroll at Cornelius Road Park

For people who love the great outdoors, you’ll find the serene Cornelius Road Park just a stone’s throw from our office. With lush greenery and picturesque views, it’s the perfect place to relax while you’re waiting for a heating service.

Take a tour of the local eateries around the area. Try out the latest craft beer brews at D9 Brewing Company. This delightful brewery also offers a selection of snacks and mains that can complement your choice beverage.

Visit the Cornelius Arts Center

Immerse yourself in local culture at the Cornelius Arts Center. With a range of interactive exhibits and galleries, there’s something to pique any visitor’s interest. If you have time, you can even sign up for one of their short art courses.

Taking a break from strolling and want to catch the latest movies? Head on over to Regal Cinemas Birkdale 16 & RPX. It ensures a comfortable and premium movie experience that will entertain you as your heating services are being taken care of.

Dip Into The Swim Club

Finally, for those hot summer days, when your heating services are the least of your worries, the Jetton Road Neighborhood Park Swim Club is an absolute must-visit. Enjoy a refreshing swim or just chill by the poolside with a good book—it’s an ideal way to beat the heat.

Remember, whether it’s serious heating service solutions, or just wanting to make the most of your day, Allied Aire Inc. and its surrounding areas have more than enough to keep you satisfied and entertained.